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Open UP! is a quaint little creative wellness studio in Williamsville, NY.  We offer inspired living services for adults, children & families including:


Creative Wellness Workshops

Life Coaching

Early Childhood (K-1) Tutoring

Inspired Living Support



And So It Begins

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Less Stress.  More Joy.  Abundant Creativity! 

The recipe used to create Open UP! is simple but powerful.  There is far too much stress in the world today and it isn't good for our health.  Open UP! is on a mission to promote wellness through the opposite of stress which we refer to as "Inspired Living". 


Inspired living is what life feels like when you are "in the zone".  You feel balanced, connected, peaceful, positive, grounded, joyful, purposeful and in harmony with the world.  From the youngest child to the oldest adult, we should all feel this way.

Stress and I became well-acquainted during the fourteen years I taught in the Virginia public school system.  Faculty and staff, parents/caregivers, even students were showing signs of stress - it was everywhere! 


After enduring enough stress to last a lifetime, I decided I wasn't a big fan and I made a commitment to make inspired living a priority instead. 


Since then, I've been on a pretty amazing journey of self-discovery and self-development.  I learned (and continue to learn) strategies and techniques to avoid, minimize and manage stress so I can feel my best and enjoy life.  

Creating an inspired life will look different for each person.  The services offered at Open UP! are designed around what worked for me and what I have seen work for colleagues, friends and early childhood students.


You will notice that many of our service offerings center around or incorporate creativity.  This is because creativity is my happy place.  It's what brings me joy and lights me up.  It's a joyful break from all of life's "must-dos" and obligations. 


If inspired living and creativity sound appealing to you too, I cordially invite you and your family to come hang out in my happy place.  See you soon!  



Founder | Open UP!

A Note From Kris

A Collective Journey

Join Our Community


Journeys are more enjoyable when shared!  In addition to our group offerings, we invite you to become part of our facebook community.  

Following us on facebook will ensure you stay up-to-date with our latest offerings and events.  We also post helpful information, at-home activity suggestions and even the occasional discount offer! 

Each time you participate on our page or interact with one of our posts, you are helping to build and strengthen the Open UP! community.  (And, for that, we send you our sincerest thanks!)

Embrace the Bloom

In addition to our facebook page, we have created a facebook group for those individuals interested in learning tips and techniques for inspired living.  On Sundays we post a gratefulness share which is an excellent practice for holistic health & wellness.  If a positive lifestyle is a priority for you, we would love to have you join us! 


When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.

- Chinese Proverb

Developing Roots


We are a new business planting roots in Western New York. We would greatly appreciate your support as we establish and grow! ​


How You Can Help ​


- Give us a shot! Try a service and let us know what you think! ​

- Spread the word! "Hey did you hear about the new Creative Wellness Studio?" You'd be surprised how much impact a casual comment can have! ​


- Appreciate the power of "like"! It's true that interacting with our facebook posts greatly increases our community exposure so please like, comment and share away! ​  


- Support our Creative Wellness and Crafting for a Cause Workshops by donating craft supplies you are no longer using. Just shoot us an "I've got supplies" email! ​


- Let us know about local reuse opportunities! Is your local fabric store discarding outdated samples? Did you see yarn and popsicle sticks in a free bin at a yard sale? Let us know! Less waste for them and free supplies for us!


- Keep us in mind for your next Random Act of Kindness! We happily accept donations of any size to help defer start-up costs, purchase supplies and keep our community service events running! We promise to find a way to pay it forward!

Thank you for your support!


Let's Connect

Schedule services, check availability or send comments, questions or suggestions our way!  

You can also reach by phone or text at (716) 710-2159


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