Our Mission

We simply wish to support individuals as they create a life they love through creative wellness, joyful learning & inspired living.

Offerings Include:

* Creative Wellness Workshops

* Inspired Living Support 

* Early Childhood (K-1) Tutoring

* Life Coaching

* Consultations

What IS

Inspired Living?

Simply put, it's when life just feels good. 

You know the feeling... the stars have finally aligned!  You accept & love yourself, appreciate the blessings AND the lessons and are at peace in the present moment.  You easily give and accept love, feel and express gratitude and find, seek, allow & share joy.  It's when all is right with the world and you look forward to living each day.

We all want to learn, develop & experience life at its best. 

Inspired living is a choice we make every day.  Some days it's easy and other times we benefit from guidance, support or simply sharing the journey.  Staying connected with a community of positively-minded individuals helps to keep you in the Inspired Living "flow".


Creative Wellness?

Creative wellness is an often overlooked component of the spirit/soul aspect of holistic health.  Essentially, it's when you get to take a break from all of life's "must dos" and let your spirit come out to play! 


Our creative wellness offerings are designed to allow for exploration & creative freedom which helps to reduce stress and promote a sense of inspiration and contentment.  For at least a few hours, you get to escape the demands of life, be your own boss and utilize your creative spirit to create something unique!  Let yourself have some fun! 

How About

Joyful Learning?

When we set out to learn new things, we are hopeful that it is an enjoyable experience.  Why should learning be any different for children?  Joyful learning is our approach to early childhood (K-1) tutoring.  We believe learning should be an inspiring and enjoyable process, especially in a child's early years. 


More than reaching a certain academic benchmark, our mission is to help children develop learning strategies, confidence in their abilities and a genuine love of learning.

This little light of mine...

Meet Kris

She's authentic, down-to-earth, kind-hearted, resourceful, organized, creative and perhaps a tad quirky. 

"Life is better outside the box.  I don't mind being the exception to the rule because I believe the world is a better place when we recognize, share and celebrate our differences.  Individuals are unique and no two journeys are the same.  It is my privilege to provide customized support to anyone striving to find joy, meet goals & create a life they love."



Kris grew up in Tonawanda, NY where she currently resides.  She attended high school at Wilson Central and completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees at SUNY Potsdam.  


After college, Kris moved to Fredericksburg, VA where she taught for fourteen years before returning to western NY.  Currently, Kris enjoys part-time employment with Amherst Central Schools while she welcomes life as an entrepreneur and builds her dreams! 


In her free time, Kris can be found:

- spending time in nature

- hanging with her dog, Oscar

- getting lost in a crafty endeavor

- taking a class

- reading

- learning more about the business world

- enjoying a yard sale adventure


- tending to or befriending (yet another) plant.


"I subscribe to a 'less is more' philosophy when it comes to my role in the work being done.  I am a facilitator or guide only.  I assist with planning and organization, I present choices, I encourage participation and reflection but I do not do the work.  My job is simply to support the important work being done."  



Masters of Science in Education - Distinction

  • Major: Special Education

Bachelor of Arts - Cum Laude

  • Major: Elementary Education

  • Major: Sociology

  • Minor: Society & Human Services



New York State Teacher Certification

  • Early Childhood Education

  • Childhood Education

​​Life Coach Certification

Reiki I


Leadership​ Roles

Grade Level Lead/Chairperson

School Leadership Team

New Teacher Mentor

School Improvement Team

Committees - Literacy, Math, Climate, Culture ​



Teacher of the Year - 2013

Kappa Delta Pi - Education Honor Society Alpha Kappa Delta - Sociology Honor Society


Our Studio

"It's a calm, peaceful little space with an abundance of natural light and happy little plants."

This space was created with much love.  It was important that we created a warm, welcoming environment that is inviting and inspiring to all.  We hope you find comfort and feel at home in our creative wellness studio. 


Open UP! is located in Williamsville, NY inside North Presbyterian Church.


300 North Forest Road

Williamsville, NY 14221

Suite S251

We are the first door on the left when entering through the rear entrance.

Hours are by appointment unless we are holding an event.  Event hours will be advertised on our facebook page.

Room to Grow!

For larger gatherings, we are fortunate to have access to additional space within North Presbyterian Church.  The library is located directly across the hall from our studio and the Dickinson Lounge is just down the hall.  Both spaces are lovely, welcoming and spacious.


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All rights reserved.

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300 North Forest Road | Suite S251

Williamsville, NY 14221