Wherever life plants you...

Embrace your spirit.  Explore your potential.

Enjoy your journey.


Open UP! is a creative wellness studio in Williamsville, NY.  We offer inspired living services for adults & families including:


Creative Wellness Workshops

Life Coaching

Early Childhood (K-1) Tutoring

Inspired Living Support


Follow your dreams.  Share your gifts. 


This world is a better place when people feel good, do good and reach for good things.   


Services at Open UP! are designed to promote joy, creativity, development and instill a sense of contentment and well-being.   

Your Guide

Kris Cammarano is a certified life coach and teacher with a passion for all things positive and inspiring.


She founded Open UP! in an effort to create a space for adults and children to enjoy learning, creating & developing.    

Connect yourself with all that supports the life you love.

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Embrace the Bloom

 In addition to our facebook business page, we have a facebook group for those interested in learning tips and techniques for inspired living.  On Sundays we post a gratefulness share which is an excellent practice for holistic health & wellness. 

Let's Connect

Schedule services, check availability or send comments, questions and suggestions our way!  

You can also reach by phone or text at (716) 710-2159


When the roots are deep,

there is no reason to fear the wind.

- Chinese proverb

Developing Roots


We are a new business planting roots in Western New York.  As we establish ourself, we would greatly appreciate your support! 

Facebook is an excellent way to stay connected, show support and help us gain exposure in the community but there are other ways too!


- Give us a shot & let us know what you think!  

- Tell others!

- Donate old craft supplies or allow us to be the recipient of your random act of kindness through a paypal donation.

Thank you for your support!

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