A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing seems to grow there.

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You were designed to live an inspired life.  If you are currently living your best life, let's maximize the momentum.  If you'd rather make some changes, let's create them!  

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Your Child

 All children should feel like confident, capable learners.  Let's illuminate the spark in your child and help it shine brighter than ever!

Becoming is better than being.

-Carol S. Dweck

"I was always amazed at the creativeness that she showed while getting all students engaged in lessons.  She allowed students to demonstrate his/her abilities in a variety of ways."

Pam | Special Educator

K-1 Tutoring


Package discounts available

Your child is a wonderfully unique individual deserving of an instructional plan designed specifically with his/her interests and talents in mind.  

We begin with an introductory session where Ms. Kris will meet your child and get to know his/her interests, strengths and opportunities for growth.  The information gained during this session will be paired with the information you provide and used to develop a tailored plan for future sessions.

Sessions will focus on academic growth and positive character development.  Character traits such as courage, perseverance and optimism are often overlooked but are integral components of successful life-long learning.  Most often, these traits are simply embedded into our lessons but may be taught directly on occasion.  

Tutoring plans are continually tweaked based on student progress.  Parental input/feedback is always welcome.  Email us to set up your first session today!

“Just in two days I have told two different people what an incredible teacher you are and how your classroom was run like a well-oiled machine.  In fact, I believe I used the words 'She is like the Kid Whisperer!'  You are going to be missed." 

Kristin | Classroom Volunteer

K-1 Tutoring Groups


While individual tutoring provides a thorough tailored plan for your child, small group tutoring is beneficial too!

Like individual tutoring, your child will participate in activities designed to foster academic growth and positive character development.


In group tutoring, your child will also participate in group discussions and other collaborative tasks.  He/she will be enriched by working with peers that have various interests, strengths, viewpoints, backgrounds & personalities and learning strategies.

Group tutoring is available when we have 2-5 students working on similar skills at similar levels.  Your child can participate in group sessions with or without individual tutoring services.  Email us to inquire about group tutoring today!

"Kristen uses many creative methods for teaching which generates tremendous enthusiasm among the students.  Students are taught to question concepts and that 'It's OK to make a mistake and that it can be corrected.'  All students are encouraged to interact and evaluate problems and solutions. This girl can definitely teach children and they will love learning from her."

Robert | Classroom Volunteer

Creative Workshops

Price varies based on materials needed

Let's get creative!

Children learn so much through opportunities to be creative and expressive.  Workshops will be offered periodically 

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