Life Coaching

Ready to make some changes?  Not sure where to start or which road to take?  Try life coaching! 


Life coaching is personalized support with goal attainment.  Although you are free to talk/share as much as you'd like in this confidential setting, life coaching is not to be confused with counseling or therapy.  Coaching sessions are very much about making moves in the present moment to bring about changes you'd like to see.

The role of the coach in life coaching sessions is to provide structure and support.  Coaches ask clarifying questions to help you better understand yourself and your current circumstances.  They help you to clearly identify your priorities and intentions.  Coaches also help you stay motivated, engaged & accountable.



While each session is different, the overall structure looks something like this:

 - Reflect on current circumstances
- Determine priorities & set goals
- Evaluate options & devise a plan
- Implement, reflect & revise


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Life Coaching

at Open UP!

Kris will be your coach on this journey of self-development.  She has embarked on quite the journey herself and would love to use the insight she's gained to help you navigate successfully through your next steps. 


Kris has strong organizational skills and can be an excellent outside-the-box thinker/problem solver which makes her a great person to brainstorm with.  She would be an excellent match for someone striving to manage stress (especially teachers!), organize their life, navigate through a divorce or other significant change, create wellness habits or start anew. 

Just need a one-time brainstorming session?  Maybe a consultation is the right fit for you!


Creative Wellness Workshops

Stress Less.  Craft More.

Embracing holistic wellness means finding ways to nurture your mind, body and spirit.  Creative wellness workshops offer opportunities to learn something new, engage your creative mind, support a cause, help your community or simply socialize and enjoy life.  Giving your mind a break and letting your spirit play is just as important as eating right and exercising.

Balance is an important part of wellness.  We happily offer a mix of family-friendly and adult-only workshops to support well-rounded quality time.


We will offer open crafting opportunities, make-n-take classes, creative learning activities and "Crafting for a Cause" workshops to help benefit and enrich our community.  Our workshop schedule will be updated on an ongoing basis.  Pricing will depend on class duration and supplies.  Please visit our facebook page often to see the latest offerings.   


Early Childhood Tutoring

Is your child reluctant to engage in academic tasks?  Are you concerned about an aspect of your child's academic development?  Maybe you just want to prevent the summer slide and keep your child learning.  Let us help!

Frustration often occurs when we feel overwhelmed, underprepared or not quite capable enough.  Individual tutoring sessions are extremely valuable not only because they help strengthen specific academic skills but because they help children learn how to use their strengths and familiar strategies to navigate through problems.  This is an important skill for life-long learning!



We start by collecting some information from you about your child and what you hope to achieve through tutoring.  During our first session, we meet your child, get to know his/her personality, interests, strengths and skill levels.  From there, we devise a plan to use your child's strengths and interests to address areas where we would like to see growth.  Progress is continually monitored and adjusted to ensure your child is receiving the greatest benefit from the sessions.    

kindergarten and first grade students


package discounts available

Early Childhood Tutoring at Open UP!

Our tutoring services are specifically designed with your child in mind.  With over fourteen years of experience in the classroom, Kris has worked with students from all backgrounds, ability levels and walks of life.

When designing sessions for your child, Kris takes into account your child's interests and strengths as they are the foundation for growth.  Academic tasks are scaffolded to ensure that your child is challenged but not overwhelmed.


Kris believes positive character traits are an important component of academic success so character development is incorporated into tutoring sessions as well.  

Would you prefer to work with your child yourself?  Consider a consultation instead!

Inspired Living Support

Individual support can be found through our life coaching and consultation options.  Group options are offered through our Inspired Living Collective and our facebook group,

Embrace the Bloom.  


Inspired Living Collective


Get together weekly with like-minded individuals who are committed to living their best lives.  In each session, we will reflect on the happenings of the week, review suggested tips/strategies, discuss the wellness topic of the week and set personal goals for the upcoming week.  We will also take time to relax and engage our creative minds.  Please see our facebook page for details.



We all have times when we would benefit from a conversation with someone removed from our situation.  Different from a friend or loved one, a coach is able to remain neutral and help you consider all aspects of your situation. 

Meeting with a coach can help you organize your thoughts and hone in on what you really want.  Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to help you think outside the box and see the missing puzzle piece.

A consultation is similar to a life coaching session in that they both provide support with goal attainment.  The main difference between the two is time and focus. 

Life coaching sessions are a good fit for someone who is in the exploring stage ("I know I need to make a change but I'm not sure where to start...") or would benefit from ongoing support ("I've decided to make self-care a priority but this is very new to me.")  Life coaching sessions are a good option for long-term goals or a goal that has proven particularly challenging. 


Consultations are a better fit when you have a clear, targeted focus and know exactly what you want to achieve.  We sit, chat, brainstorm, organize and decide on next steps.  You take it from there!  



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