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Spiritual Development

These are the books I have found helpful on my own spiritual journey.  Perhaps you will find one that speaks to you as well. 


Ready to connect with your intuition?  This is the book for you!

Trust Your Vibes
by Sonia Choquette

Help your child connect with his/her intuition.

The Wise Child
by Sonia Choquette

My absolute favorite book.  If you want to change your life and are willing to do the work to do so, this is the book for you.

Your Heart's Desire
by Sonia Choquette

So many practical tips to set yourself up for greatness!

The School of Greatness
by Lewis Howes

My absolute favorite card deck!  Set yourself up for an awesome day by choosing a card each morning!

Crazy Sexy Love Notes - A 52 Card Deck
by Kris Carr

A fun way to connect to your intuition!

Trust Your Vibes Oracle Deck
by Sonia Choquette

Creative Development

These are some of the resources I use to make my heart happy.  I hope you find one that supports your own creative development! 


If you're ready to give creative mediation and inspired art a try, this is the book for you!

Another excellent book for those looking to quiet their minds, relax and enjoy a meditative state.

byJane Marbaix

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